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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of June

Hello everyone!
And Im your Featured Blogger for the Month of June!

This is so awesome! I’m flattered!

Issit Thank-You speech time?

*clears throat*

AHEM. Yes. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. It’s an absolute honour to have been selected by BossMing himself as the Featured Blogger of the Month, but now where do I really start?

Let me just start with a brief introduction of myself then. For those who dont already know me, Im dweam.
Yes, that’s dream, but with a “W”. If you were at Nuffnang’s First Birthday Bash ie, the KL Pajama Party, I was better known as Miss Chipster. The one who bagged herself a cool iPod Touch what with those pwnage pillows of mine.

I blog at http://dweam.lah.cc and my blog can be described as a smörgåsbord of posts that narrate the ins and outs of my life, ups and down of growing up and of living life in the fast lane. I write about the cool events I attend, hot babes I meet and sometimes, the not-so-fantastic bits here and there. Life isnt always a bed of roses, but that’s what makes the interesting parts memorable isnt it. *winks*

Im a bit of a nut, in other words, crazy, also quirky, sassy, spunky and a nice girl to boot, but with lotsa attitude. Haha. I love FUN, FUN and more FUN! But you could probably have gleaned that information from my blog, if you scrolled through my posts. Hee.

Doing silly self-entertaining stuff.

I must say, the Internet is a powerful tool, and blogs itself are quite a revolutionary given that it places utmost control in the hands of the author. Being a blogger makes you a mini-celebrity, for your blog is your stage and you determine your script, your actors and more importantly, the many personas of the characters (including yourself) you choose to let on stage. But being the experience of an actor on stage is never quite complete without an audience now is it?

That’s where Nuffnang comes in!

They provide your audience! Other than being Asia’s first Blog Advertising company, one of Nuffnang’s aims is to create a more cohesive blogging community. Through its many community activities, Ive gotten to know a bunch of absolute mad-cappers who never fail to rock the house (regardless of location) and party till the cows come home! We first met on the bus up to KL, and what started in jest has now materialised into something tangible. We’ve even got our own group name and blog! Wo0o0ot!

More friends = more people reading your blog = you becoming FEH-MOUS!

Being a Glitterati and a SPI-der definitely has it perks. It’s like being on a Guest List of the posh-est club. You get exclusive privileges to movie screenings, attending important forums and above all, you meet the people behind the famous blogs you so often read!

As for me, I’ve already gotten to watch several free movies, won myself an iPod Touch, a free trip to KL and tickets to the newly opened Singapore Flyer! SCCHHWEEEEEEEEEETT! It’s been nothing but absolute PURE FUN since the KL trip and the journey has only been getting sweeter. Blogging has never been better!

But dont take my word for it. You should experience Nuffnang yourself!

In the meantime, drop by my blog to say HI!
Dont be scared, cos I dont bite. =D

Peace out yall!