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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of June

Good Day to Everyone.

When Nuffnang extended the invitation to me to be the featured blogger, I was surprised. Hmm….it was a pleasant surprise because I do not recall a parenting blog being featured before. Upon confirmation with Raine, I am most happy to present the 1st Parenting Blog to be featured under Nuffnang’s featured blogger. Thank you Nuffnang for this opportunity:)

Welcome to the world of a working lady who is also the busy mummy of two lovely young boys. I am the author of Parent Times , a blog which started due to my passion for writing, and also my intention for a platform to share parenting insights, working mother’s view exchanges and a journal of my parenting journey.

My world is definitely colourful and most challenging. After being a mother, I begin to realize how remarkably incredible mothers can be. Haha.. perhaps we have never discovered our hidden talents until we have to be professionally equipped to manage a job, and at the same time play the multiple roles of Programme Manager, Fund Manager, Education Manager, Food Manager, Disciplinarian, and ……… at home, and yet still being able to pursue our own interests.

Sounds so incredibly Superwoman but I simply love my life now more than ever! Hence, if you like Super Girl’s/Wonder Woman’s stories or planning to be a parent or already a parent……do drop by my blog at http://parentimes.com and take a peep into the world of this dynamic mother and her two Princes *LoL*.

My first encounter with Nuffnang was from another blog. Being a Nuffnanger has its many benefits which include free movie previews, free events, opportunity to be featured blogger, improving your social network and attractive prizes from contests. There is absolutely nothing to lose by joining the Nuffnang Community. Hence, why not join now?