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Zoe Raymond


Hello there! My name is Zoe Raymond and I’m turning 23 this year! From my name, it’s predictable that people who have not met me wonder if I am a guy or a girl. I used to attend an All-Girls’ school and teachers would do a double take when they see my name. My parents gave me this name and so it’s in my birth certificate-my dad’s name is actually Raymond!

I have been blogging since my secondary school days. Back then, it was in to own a blog so I started one with the help of a good friend. My blog revolved around both happy and sad life stories. My friends and I read each others’ blogs to keep us updated of one another’s lives. Subsequently, from 2006, (when I was 17!), I started doing modeling events and photo shoots to earn allowances for food and transport.


I began blogging pictures of various assignments I took up and also started receiving emails on advertising opportunities. This was when doors started opening for me to share more on Fashion and Beauty.

I went on to do collaborations with local makeup artists, photographers, online stores and even managed to venture a little into small commercial print ads.

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Hendra Sulistio Kasim





In 2010, I graduated from Bachelor of Marketing with RMIT. With this degree, I managed to get a job in the travel industry and am now working full time. I love my job! I have got the most awesome team and we work and party together-there’s really nothing more to ask for. I still hold onto my blog dearly cause it’s something I have done for almost a decade now and I really can’t let it go. It is challenging initially to work and still blog but fortunately I have learnt to better manage my time, and so ZoeRaymond.com is still around! *Throws confetti shamelessly* Teeheee! Though I am not your perfect blogger because I don’t have the best command of English, occasionally make grammatical and spelling mistakes in my posts, i however assure you that you will be entertained with my various posts which I come up with to the best of my ability for my readers!!

I also joined the Nuffnang team in 2010 and I have been enjoying myself ever since! With this I receive many of the latest products in the market today to review, get invited to awesome events and cool parties, movie premieres and even holidays overseas!

One of my favorite posts that I have ever done for was for Mandom. This was for their new product, Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement to try and review!


Besides giving me luscious hair, they supported me with full-sized samples to my readers as well! ((:  So yes! Readers get rewarded for reading too! :D

Kanebo was one of my favorites too!

Not only did i receive a huge bag of Kanebo skin care, I learnt a proper skincare regime too!
Popular was also one of my memorable posts!
I had fun doing this post cause i wanted to mimic every character in the book!
Not forgetting a series of collaborations with Dove Chocolate!
The people at Dove are really generous people cause they sent me chocolates in boxes. I came home to hundreds of bars on my dining table-pure heaven to chocolates fans out there! :D
I even did a post for sloggi’s Eco-program just recently!
Their bras are mad comfy and love how they are doing a part for the environment with this social responsibility initiative!
As for events, my very first event as a Nuffnang blogger was for “Are you a Shooting Star” by Laurier and it was at this event where I met the Queen of bloggers, Wendy, and the now Cupcakes Gugu, Jessica.


Us with Black Lipstick!

We were there as judges and Laurier gave us a Polaroid camera each! :D :D

Another cool event was 2011 Prime Time Fashion Fall by Robinsons held at Avalon! Avalon had just commenced business then, so I was really excited to attend the private event there!

with the other bloggers

Also met quite a number of Nuffies there! :D

It’s also with Nuffnang that flew my family and I to Hong Kong where we had a blast at Hong Kong Disneyland!


Hey Mickey!hkdl2

The last time I visited Hong Kong was when my sister and I were in Primary school so it was really fabulous to be able to visit HK again, to stay in HKDL’s hotel and have the best breakfast ever with my favorite Disney characters!

The other trip Nuffnang got me packing my luggage was for Star Cruises!

 I was out at sea with two of my bestest girlfriends for a week!
beautiful Sea, Sun, Sand of Redang

Visited Ho Chi Minh City and Redang for the very first time!!


Nuffnang events are always out of the box, fun and it helps me widen my social circle as well!

If you own a blog, get yourselves registered with Nuffnang now and be updated with super cool functions and also banner advertorials where you can earn some moolahs! If you don’t have a blog, I hope you enjoy your read here!

Most importantly, it’s also at the blogs of Nuffnang where resident bloggers are dedicated to crafting posts that are beneficial to us all. And the best part is, you might even be able to win some fantastic prizes or samples yourself too!!