Nivea UV Body Whitening Serum

The Objective

NIVEA has always been very strong on their traditional media and this time, NIVEA travelled on unchartered ground into social media running their very first instagram contest in conjunction with their UV body whitening serum launch.

The Big Idea

We crafted a witty campaign of asking people to show us how they protect themselves from the merciless sunlight through seeding of quirky effects of harmful UV rays and getting them to particpate in the Fairest of them all instagram contest. Display Banners, Sponsored Posts were utilized as well as media from ChurpChurp via Social Share and Social Seeding.

The Result

The campaign was well received by the community with over 50 photo entries in just 2 weeks. Over 1 month period, we managed to garner more than 2 million impressions for the Nivea's UV Body Whitening Serum.