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Dasmond Koh


Dasmond Koh

Dasmond Koh

Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of April ’08

Hi Nuffnangers,

My name is Dasmond Koh!


And for those who do not know me, I blog at Dasmondkoh.com!

I used to lend my voice to radio station, but now I’ve switched to appearing on the little rectangular box in your living room.


On TV, I’ve hosted a number of Variety shows, as well as appeared on a number of TV dramas, such as “Campus Superstar”, “Scissors, Paper, Stone”, and “Beautiful People”, amongst many others.


I love my job! And I blog to share the great experiences with anybody who’s interested in what goes on behind the scenes in the showbiz world! And of course interested to find out about what goes on in my life!


Thanks to Nuffnang for making me featured blogger, and to all Nuffnangers, check out my blog, and enjoy!