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Hello Nuffnangers! I’m Brenda (or otherwise known as @brenwho on most of my social media platforms). I’m turning 21 this July and I don’t know how to feel about it yet…

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Anyway, let me go on about myself so you can get to know me just a bit better! I’m officially graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) this month, but contrary to what people always think I’m studying (arts or design related), I studied Child Psychology back in school. The course was fine but along the way, I figured I sort of rekindled my passion for arts (I play the percussion) and found myself posting more ‘artsy’ and minimalistic photos on Instagram and my blog (www.brenwho.com).


Like most other teens, I’ve had a blog for the most of my teenage life where I rambled on about daily happenings and stuff, but since 2012, I started to take my blog more seriously where I wrote more coherently and took more effort to craft my blog entries. I would say my blog revolves around fashion, beauty and lifestyle where I share about my outfits, beauty/make-up products that I love or even interesting events or gadgets I’m currently into – which is basically almost everything!

Since it’s the month of May and it’s Mothers’ Day this month, I will take this chance to share a little about my family! I live together with both my parents as well as two brothers – an elder and younger one. I would say we are all rather independent and not very close-knitted but we do sometimes go out for family dinners on special occasions (mothers’ day, fathers’ day, birthdays etc).

One thing about my family is that we are all genetically very skinny! Everyone I’ve met tells me I’m really skinny and I need to eat more, but truth is – I love eating and I eat A LOT (some times two plates of rice for dinner) but I just can’t gain much weight. Some people would tell me they’re very jealous of my ability to eat and not gain weight, but trust me, it’s really difficult to find clothes that fit! So to everyone who’s trying to diet to be skinny, my advice is… don’t! Just be yourself and be happy.


Of course, it’s Mothers’ Day this month so I’ll leave a few paragraphs just about her. My mother is well, petite like I am, but shorter. She can be a klutz and is really bad with directions (so that’s where I got my genes from) but I would like to think she’s also an easily contented person and little things will make her smile. We just had an early Mothers’ Day dinner at Fish & Co. and she was grinning from ear to ear.


My mother’s pretty strict with me for she (overly) fears for my safety. Other than that, she’s a pretty chill mother as long as I go home every night and is very accepting as long as I know what I’m doing. It’s funny how my mother wanted an Instagram account after knowing more about work on social media, and she would sometimes leave the corniest comments on my photos. Also, she made me follow a lot of other local bloggers and on some mornings, the topics would revolve around what this blogger wore / what this blogger ate / what this blogger did. She can be quite a stalker!
Ooh, one tip that my mother passed down to me? She taught me how to unscrew bottle caps and basically any kind of jar caps and this is one that I find extremely useful in my daily life, so now it’s time to share it with you! Life Hack 101: To unscrew bottle caps, simply tie an elastic rubberband (the usual red or yellow ones will do), twist the cap and voila!

This May, I would like to take the opportunity to wish my mother and all mothers out there a Happy Mothers’ Day! It’s no easy being a mother, so take a day off and go shopping!

Sorry for this lengthy post and last but not least, I would like to thank Nuffnang and Churp Churp for allowing me to be part of this amazing company! And thank you, for reading this! I really appreciate all that I’ve been given and I feel incredibly blessed at the same time.

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