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After starting her blog in December 2014, Dawn shot to fame because many of her financial advices struck a chord with her readers, causing her articles to go viral. Apart from her academic & career achievements, Dawn is down-to-earth and actively seeks cost-effective ways of living. Read on to find out more about her passion for investments, her life motto and more about her organic skincare business – Blended :)


1) Hey Dawn, hope you’ve been doing well! For those who have yet to come across your blog, tell us – who exactly is Budget Babe?

What, or who, comes to mind when you are thinking of #adulting and #money?


For many readers, SG Budget Babe has been their go-to-resource on everything related to personal finance and getting your finances in order! Whether it is topics on how to save (more) money successfully, understanding the complex world of insurance and investments, holding a dreamy fairytale wedding without breaking the bank, getting your first home, and even managing your CPF…her blog has got you all covered!


Hello world! I’m Dawn, otherwise known as SG Budget Babe, and I’m that weird female blogger who writes about money matters instead of the usual lifestyle topics *laughs*




2) As one of Singapore’s top female financial blogger, when did you realize that you have a passion for giving others financial advice on how to budget & invest?

I’ve always believed in spending my money meaningfully and only on items or experiences that are worth every cent. When I first started, there was very little information about personal finance in Singapore, especially from a female perspective! The guys tend to be quite a natural at it – but even though there were male bloggers and journalists covering financial topics, I got confused by many of the technical terms and explanations. Math has never been my strongest subject, and I needed something simpler which I could understand and apply! This was how Budget Babe was born – I write about finance as I see and understand it, and I track my journey towards financial independence on it! I’m just glad that people find my own finance #lifehacks to be useful for themselves as well!



3) We admire your courage for venturing into male-dominated industries! Tell us one life motto that you live by.

My life motto is to become financially free and happy! Having grown up in a family where money was always tight, I dream of a life where money will no longer be an issue, and that we’ll have enough to spend on experiences and building memories together as a family. I don’t believe that finance is a male-only thing – who says women can’t be passionate about money and stocks? I most certainly am!



4) Many might not know that you are actually the founder of Singapore’s first mass-market organic skincare brand, Blended, too! What prompted you to start up Blended?

Blended is also my baby, founded to fill the gap in the market for affordable organic skincare solutions. I spend my weekends and PHs looking after it with my team :) I’m still learning and growing the business with my team today, but I’m really thankful for all the support and love Blended has received from our fans. It makes us happy when people tell us how much they appreciate the work that we are doing, and the fact that we’re making organic so much more affordable for them! BTW have you tried our sunblock yet? It is my favourite item from the entire skincare line, and also our best-seller after the Vitamin C serum!


5) When you were a kid, what did you actually want to be when you grow up?  

When I was a child, I wanted to be an author! My parents weren’t supportive of my aspiration though, so I’m really thankful that the Internet has made it so much easier for folks like us to self-publish and write today.





Thanks Dawn for having a chat with us and giving us more insights into your life. Your passion for giving financial advices to others is truly inspiring, keep up the good work! J


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