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  1. I have pasted the Nuffnang code on my blog but it is still not showing.

    Tags: ad code, javascript, ad not showing Added: 03 Dec 2007

    The most common cause of this is that your blog provider doesn't support putting Javascript code in your blog. Because our ad units are generated through Javascript, your ad will not show if this is the case. Some known examples are the free versions of Wordpress and Xanga.

    If you are certain that your blog host supports Javascript and that you have pasted your code properly, kindly create a ticket and send us a screenshot of your blog.

  2. My leaderboard ad is not showing when it was working fine previously.

    Tags: display, not showing Added: 21 Jan 2008

    Some of our members have reported problems with their ads not showing when they were previously working fine. These are usually blogs using the Blogger (blogspot) engine, particularly if your ad unit is placed high on your blog.

    We are uncertain as to what changes Blogspot made in their engine, but we have identified a workaround and updated the Add Ads page ( accessible through the dockpanel).You should be able to fix your problem by pasting the updated code.

  3. My ads are not showing and my statistics aren't being tracked.

    Tags: statistics, tracking, not showing Added: 04 Feb 2008

    There are two common causes of this:

    1. If a javascript error like "nuffnang_bid is not defined" shows when you load your blog, you could be facing a Blogspot issue some people . In this case no footer will show.

    2. If a footer is showing but your statistics aren't being tracked, please ensure that you have pasted your code properly from the Add Ads page, and that your blog host.

  4. What blog platforms support Nuffnang ads / Why doesn't the ad code show on my blog?

    Tags: ad code, adding, javascript, blog platform Added: 12 May 2008

    Your blog platform should be able to display Nuffnang ads as long as it allows you to add Javascript. For your convenience, we are compiling a list of platforms which do not support custom Javascript, as follows (we will update this list from time to time):

    1) Live Journal
    2) Windows Live
    5) ( using Themes system )

  5. An error message "Error matching blog to blogger entry." appears where the ad unit should be and
    my statistics are not tracking.

    Tags: analytics, not tracking, error message Added: 14 May 2008

    This message appears when the system cannot find a blog url assigned to you that matches the domain that the code is on. Please check that you have added the blog in your Blog Manager and that it is spelt correctly.

    There are cases where this message appears in your "preview" page when you are changing your blog layout. This happens because the URL of the preview page is different from your blog URL, but your ad should not be affected on the real page.

  6. I get "Operation Aborted" error in my blog when viewed in Internet Explorer after inserting Nuffnang ad codes

    Tags: error, operation aborted, internet explorer, browser, ad codes Added: 03 Sep 2009

    This problem only affect those who are using Internet Explorer (IE) browsers to view your blog. They will be prompted with an error message while the page is loading and will then be redirected to an error page, preventing them from viewing your blog any further.

    For IE version 8 users, the error will still be intercepted but users will still be allowed to continue viewing the page.

    More details regarding this error can be found in Microsoft's knowledge base article from the following link:

    Based from the article's explanation, you might be experiencing the problem with our ad units due to:-

    1. Our ad scripts are clashing with one or more of the available Javascripts in your blog.

    2. Our ad codes which are inserted in an element that is not a direct child to the <body> element.

    There can be 2 possible approach to solve the problem:-

    1. Locate (and remove if possible) the javascript that is clashing with our ad scripts.

    2. Relocate our ad codes to other section in your blog template.

    Our technical team are always ready to assist you in any way possible.

    Kindly save your blog's page source codes in a text format before sending it via our helpdesk support and they shall assist you further on what needs to be done.

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